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The legislative history accompanying that amendment explains that the bill was intended to clarify that the homestead is not exempt from real estate taxes and assessments.Our answer to your second question makes it unnecessary to address your third question.BRIEF ANSWERS In answer to your first question, it is clear that a property owner may not avoid the payment of property taxes by claiming to own the property in question as an allodial freehold estate.That term has no application to the scope of the modern real property tax, as governed by article 7, section 1 of the state constitution.We present the following in the hope that you will educate yourself with the truth and prepare yourself to stand as Electors; as our forefathers and the founding fathers of this nation did, with your Land, Liberty and Rights intact.Though there are many purveyors of information about land patents on the internet most of those purveyors mix fact with fiction regarding the use of the same implying nefarious purposes for the use of land patents.Therefore, to secure ownership of land you must have a proper “Chain of Title” that secures your landownership to a properly assigned underlying land patent; or you could lose what you thought was your land in a land contest.The following steps are the steps we follow to secure documents to accomplish this.

Thanks, Copacetic Aksourdough: Though we are aware of land patents issued by the United States containing such restrictions from the Land Grant so secured by patent (of which Copacetic may take note), Copacetic is correct in noting that the State of Alaska is not an original jurisdiction Union State in the United States of America; however, that fact will have no bearing on the value of land patents issued by Corp. Accordingly, the sovereign’s signature and patent seal locks the Title as it stands; and so, forever bars any changes to said Grant; which is exactly what “made Patent” means (in the usage: “Land Grant made Patent”).i acquired the property through the normal real estate process.reading about the land patent, it seems that i might be able to get the mineral patent/rights to the other locateable minerals that are located on my 10 acre property as they were not "covered" in the assignment to the state of Alaska from the original land patent.i also have another piece of property that i recently bought from the state.however, the reservation of mineral rights on that patent is quite a bit more "expansive" in what it desribes as mineral rights than the land patent for my 10 are my questions: Dear Aksourdough, I would doubt the land patent you speak of is the same as a land patent from one of the contiguous 48 States. Our Trustee was called away to the hospital for an emergency at the time of the call. it has not been updated since the original owner who got the original the original patent, the US reserved its oil, coal, and gas mineral rights in it..those only. i am not sure if there is a current lease with the state for those minerals with a company called marathon oil are still valid, much less current.We hope all that were planning on participating with this call can and will forgive us for missing this opportunity; and, we hope the call can be rescheduled at a later date. i know from the previous owner that at one timethey came out, drilled some holes and then did some mining for coal.

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