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jacket, the former Disney darling wanders around an empty middle school, making sure we know better than to get on her bad side!And she even brought in rapper Sirah for some moral support, and the 27-year-old's verse backed up the pop princess' badass message in the most AH-mazing way!Holding back tears from laughter, they cackled, “When have you ever seen a white girl rap?” In the 1990s white men were barely rapping, so as much as I hated to admit it at the time, they were right.He also uses FL Studio and uses Dre Beats Studio and Sony MDXR10's to hear them with top quality sound.He uses VST plugins in Ableton/FL Studio to get his synthesizers and glitched out effects. However, many of Skrillex's songs have been in movies. He has also helped make the official soundtrack of the movies "Spring Breakers" and "Wreck-It-Ralph" (2012 Movies).

The situation in Charlottesville, Virginia is rapidly deteriorating, and earlier this afternoon a car plowed into a group of reportedly anti-racist protesters in what looks like an intentional act of terrorism.

Hel always loved music, but when he was in his band From first to last, he got kicked in the nose during a performance, and didnt get it treated, which caused damage to his nasal passage, which didnt allow him to sing.

He loved music, so he started making music that didnt require singing.

While growing up in the Bronx, New York I was deeply influenced by urban culture, a culture which has cemented itself inside my heart.

At that point of time in my life I found rock n’ roll to be ridiculous and allowed rap music to act as my scripture.

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With the end of the year comes parties, family gatherings, nights spent at the mall, and tons of other responsibilities.

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