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Idols are good things or bad things that we turn into ultimate things; they're "counterfeit gods." We're very good at making them, and they're very good at ruining us.

A Christian writer once said, "the secret to change is to identify and dismantle the counterfeit gods of your heart." Join us as we discover how true this is, and how the Gospel is good news for idolators.

Culture pressures them to find that identity in the world – in sex, sports, fashion, school, possessions.

But there’s only one place that gives teenagers the identity they crave – Christ.

"I have received a certification as a Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist (CSAS) and enjoy working with male clients struggling with sexual addiction and/or sexual integrity issues as well as their spouses when appropriate.

I also enjoy working with pre adolescents and adolescents and their families and have done so in both inpatient and outpatient settings throughout my clinical experience over the past decade.

A comprehensive introduction to CSS Variables, which is a new browser feature that lets you store and reuse CSS values in your CSS.

In this tutorial we'll dissect the making of a well engineered sticky header using j Query and CSS.These are the three questions that haunt the heart of every human – especially young ones.Teenagers long for an identity that gives them meaning, direction, and purpose.In this tutorial, I'll go over the key elements that make up CSS Flexbox, plus show you some common Flexbox patterns to validate its usefulness.After this leisurely read you'll wonder how you ever went by so long without flexing.

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